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Gerhard Schlager


Name: Gerhard Schlager

Date of birth: 26 September 1983

Residence: Altenmarkt near Fürstenfeld (Austria)

Occupation: software developer

Leisure-time activities

In my free time I often devote myself to my passion - the English language. I read English books and I enjoy watching movies and TV series in original sound.

Besides of that I am an enthusiastic skier. Because there is not much snow on most of Austria's mountains during the summer I try to go swimming as often as possible. I also regularly go to the fitness centre.

More details...

Favourite music: depends on my mood (Pop, Rock, Oldies, ...)

My favourite books & other reading matter:
  • Currently I'm reading books written by Dan Brown.
  • The complete "Jack Ryan Series", "Without Remorse" and "Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy.
  • c't (German magazine about computer technology)

Star sign: Libra - ascendant Capricorn

There is an additional webpage with more details about my occupation and education.